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Hyde uses project performance and raw market indicators to create powerful end products.

Hyde’s software offering has grown organically from our customers’ needs. Our process, team, and approach are all lean and agile. We provide reliable, ready-to-use energy data and analytics designed to enable smart, efficient decision-making for your team. By taking the headache out of data acquisition and integration maintenance, we allow your team to focus on using data to optimize your advanced energy portfolio.


Hyde captures and delivers the data needed to achieve clean energy goals.


Hyde Data Acquisition and Delivery services enable clients to accurately measure, track, and report on their renewable energy portfolios.

Operational Performance: Hyde manages data from renewable energy projects and will customize delivery to help track operations in alignment with clients’ metrics.

Reporting: Our data collection services provide an auditable database to ensure performance metrics reporting is traceable.


Hyde provides streamlined access to global energy market data that informs our clients’ market participation.

Energy trading: Our data sets have trained some of the most advanced machine learning trading algorithms in the market for customers who participate in markets as traders but may not own assets.

Revenue optimization: Hyde can design custom datasets to improve dispatch settings for our clients’ portfolios.


The Hyde Software Services team works with asset owners to track compliance with contract terms.

Warranty compliance: Inverter and battery storage warranties often depend on assets operating within certain prescribed limitations in order to preserve the guaranteed performance of the battery over the specified contract term. Our SCADA-level integrations help owners ensure that their assets are protected within those guarantees.

Performance-based incentives: Many solar and storage projects obtaining incentives require routine performance reporting to ensure compliance. Hyde builds automated connections to make sure payments are settled appropriately.


Data, or it didn’t happen! We help clients track and manage progress toward their sustainability, carbon-emissions, and ESG goals.

Clean energy targets: As carbon emissions and ESG investment targets ramp up, tracking your company’s impact becomes more important than ever. We build customer-specific, automated databases to streamline performance reporting.

Sustainability: We help customers get credit for their sustainability efforts by aggregating their data to make reporting easier.


Hyde captures and delivers the data needed to achieve clean energy goals.


Innovative Solar-plus-Storage projects are often a patchwork of equipment and associated software packages. The Hyde Software Integration team ties the patchwork of equipment together seamlessly, regardless of the system complexity.


Many of our customers have portfolios that span the globe and involve a variety of operations managers. We build automated data integrations to streamline portfolio-level data aggregation.

Custom solutions

We have the technical ability to build the energy-related
software solutions our customers need.

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