Our Process

We work with investors and project developers to reduce early stage risks.

The Hyde team has extensive project development expertise and understands the critical milestones developers need to achieve. We will apply early stage engineering and design analysis to enable expedited and capital-efficient project development.

Our engineering team has decades of experience applying technical codes and standards to cutting-edge technologies to ensure seamless approvals from state and local authorities. We’ve consulted for countless equipment manufacturers, developers, utilities and investors to validate all aspects of advanced energy projects from conceptual design to tax equity investment compliance.

Project Lifecycle

Hyde has unrivaled experience developing and constructing advanced energy projects for both in-front of the meter (FOM) and behind the meter (BTM) projects.

We are often involved in the earliest stages of project origination to fill the role of Owner’s Engineer throughout the duration of the development process.

We recognize the relationship between project risk and capital investment; understanding the need to materially de-risk a project prior to meaningful capital deployment.

By working with Hyde, our clients benefit from robust design and engineering services early in a project’s timeline, ensuring efficient capital deployment throughout the development cycle.

Hyde has unparalleled experience in energy storage applications.

Sr. Technical Manager, EDF Renewables


Hyde frequently assists clients in developing and executing interconnection and permitting strategies for their assets. We have submitted over 1GW of solar, wind and storage interconnection applications on behalf of dozens of utilities and most of the major ISOs/RTOs.

Concept Design

Conceptual design is a critical element of the origination process. Our team’s extensive knowledge of and experience with the leading energy equipment manufacturers ensures the designs we present for interconnection or permitting will not trigger the need for new applications once procurement begins. Our experience has helped clients realize substantial savings in project development and, in some cases, prevented project termination.

Equipment Selection

Hyde incorporates design flexibility into our engineering work to ensure sufficient equipment optionality necessary for a project developer to procure the best product at the best price.


Our project managers leverage their earned experience to ensure proper sequencing of the pre-construction activities necessary to limit gaps and downtime when construction begins.


Hyde supports on-the-ground construction with our Construction Management Services to coordinate between general EPC and the various subcontractors associated with energy storage or microgrid technologies. We often act as the project Independent Engineer to validate system calibration, acceptance testing, and commissioning.

Commercial Operation

Once a project achieves Commercial Operation, our team is ready to support compliance with any state or federal incentives associated with an advanced energy project.

Monitoring & Maintenance

Hyde has developed energy storage O&M plans for projects ranging from hybrid solar and storage to complex data center microgrid projects. We understand how to match the critical functionality of an asset with the most appropriate monitoring and maintenance plan.

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We are intentional about selecting projects that are on the cutting edge of advanced energy technology.