Case Study

Derecktor Shipyards Harbor Harvest

Client Type
Project developers
Project Type
Advanced energy consulting, Engineering & design

Derecktor Shipyards needed an engineering firm capable of designing an electrical and drive system based on brand new lithium-ion diesel-electric drivetrain technology.


Derecktor selected HRE to provide the design as we are one of the few engineering firms with the technical capabilities to design specialty marine-hybrid electrical systems.


A full electrical engineering design, including equipment specs, delivered ahead of schedule.

HRE provided the full electrical engineering design for the hybrid cargo vessel, Harbor Harvest. The vessel uses a retro-fitted BAE Systems HybriDrive hybrid transit bus drivetrain with lithium-ion Corvus batteries. The Harbor Harvest is designed to run on electric power when idling and coming into-and-out-of port, and diesel motors when running on open water. The Harbor Harvest will be used to transport organic goods across Long Island Sound from Connecticut to New York City, avoiding an extremely congested overland shipping route. It was recently awarded a Marine Highway designation by the US DOT’s Maritime Administration (MARAD).

The Harbor Harvest is one of the first hybrid marine vessels of its kind. However, more and more private organizations and transit authorities are looking to clean up vessel emissions along U.S. coast lines. HRE will continue to provide specialty marine engineering for such applications.